Brave Frontier Unit Guide

In Brave Frontier, you get to collect all kinds of units. Ideally, you will want to get units of all elements so you can clear dungeons faster and more efficiently. Let’s go over the basics first. You can sort your units in the “view units” section.

  • Element – This is your units element
  • Level – Your units level. Leveling up will improve your unit’s stats. You can level them up by fusing other units.
  • HP – Your unit’s health points
  • Attack – This indicates how much damage your unit does
  • Defense – This indicates how tough your unit is
  • Recovery – The higher this is, the more HP and Brave Burst you gain when attacking.
  • Leadership Skill – Each unit has a special skill that affects the whole team if they are assigned as leaders.
  • Brave Burst(BB) – This is the special skill each unit has when their Brave Burst is fully charged.
  • Rarity – This indicates how rare the unit is. They can range anywhere from ★ to ★★★★★. This could go to ★★★★★★ in the future.
  • Evolution – Once your unit gets strong enough, some of them can be evolved to a stronger version. This will require certain items and zel in order to be possible. You can check this guide out if you need more information.
  • Cost – This determines how many strong units you can deploy in your squad.

Unit Elements

Each unit you have has a specific element. The elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Light and Dark. Each element is also strong and weak against a certain type. Here is a chart to help you out.


Unit Types

Each unit also has a type. It is randomly assigned and it cannot be changed. They can be found in the individual unit stat.

Depending on the type, the stats will vary. Here are all the available types in the game.

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Please do note that the stats of each type will be different, since it is randomized by a certain percentage. Let’s say you were to have 2 Guardian type level 40 Ice Selena

Their stats will be slight different(880 to 893). This is because the percentage gained will be random, giving it a small difference.

Creating and Managing Your Squad

In order to beat the dungeons, you will need to create specific squads to help clear the dungeon easily. You are allowed to assemble up to 10 different squads at any given time. You can switch between squads by managing them either in the battle menu or unit section in game. You can add/remove your squad units by choosing one and replace them with another one.

Unit positions do not matter. Ranged and melee units can be placed in the front or the back and they will not gain any bonuses or disadvantages. You can also change a unit’s position by dragging them to a different platform.

You can assign a leader and the squad will gain the bonus of the squad leader’s unique leader skill. Here is quick table on the different leader skills.

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Unit Cost and Limit

You can only deploy units that do not exceed the total cost limit. ★★★★★ units will cost way more than ★★★★ star ones and so on. When you are starting out, your cost limit will be low. You are more likely to be able to fit in perhaps 1 to 2 ★★★★ units and the rest with ★★ to ★★★ units.

As you level up, your cost limit will increase. There is a huge spike at levels 15 and 25, giving you the extra cost to use more powerful characters.

Leveling and Fusing Units

The only way to level up your units is by fusing others. Using the same element unit to fuse will give you a 1.5x experience bonus. For example, if you use a thunder unit to fuse your Thunder Eze, you will gain 50% more experience.

You can also get a lot of experience quickly by doing the Metal Parade. They are dark units that give a lot of experience when you use them to fuse. They give 50% more experience to dark units. In order to enter the Metal Parade, you will need to get the Metal Key. You can collect them daily in your Imperial Capital Randall.

You can also obtain a free Metal God by entering a friend’s ID under the social section. This can only be done once.

Acquiring Units

Some units can be acquired in dungeons or special events. Dungeons units can be acquired, but it is not 100%. Rarer units are harder to acquire. Most ★★★ and higher units require you use gems to summon. You will have to do the special dungeons to try and get a good unit if you do not want to pay with real money.

The Reinforcement

When you take on quests in dungeons, you can get aid from either your friend or other players. You get to choose one of their units as your reinforcement. You will get to use your friend’s bonus leader skill. However, if they are not your friends, it won’t be available.