Brave Frontier Town Guide

The town is where you get to upgrade your spheres, collect items, make items and also listen to the game music! Let me break down the basics real quick:


  1. Upgrades – This allows you to upgrade your primary structures such as items, mountain, music and more. Upgrading your building requires karma, which can be gotten from dungeon battles.
  2. Synthesis – This allows you to create consumable items such as cure to use in battles.
  3. Items – This lets you manage your items and fill up or equip your item inventory. You can store up to 5 different items. You cannot equip 2 or more of the same item at any given time.
  4. Spheres – This allows you to create spheres that gives bonus abilities or stats to your units.
  5. Music – You can unlock the music you hear in the game. This is the least important building.
  6. Mountain – Produces Provides Fang, Claw, Pelt, Stone and Eye resources when tapped.
  7. River – Produces Drop type resources when tapped.
  8. Forest – Produces Grass, Bone and Feather type resources when tapped.
  9. Farm – Produces Bug and Nut type resources when tapped.

Please note that the farm, river, mountain and forest replenish after a period of time. Be sure to come back every day to tap on them to get more items! They also produce a very small amount of zel and karma!