How to Get Gems in Brave Frontier for Free

In Brave Frontier, the fastest way to get gems is to buy with real money. However, not everyone wants to spend real money on the game. I will be giving you a few ways to earn gems without having to pay.

Gems That Can Be Earned In Game

1) You get 1 gem by completing one area of the map. For example, if you finish all 8 stages in Mistral, you will be awarded 1 gem.

2) The daily login bonus will give you a slight chance to win gems.

3) You get 1 gem for completing vortex dungeons. For example, if you complete all the stages of “Cave of Desires Lv 1,2 and 3, you earn 1 gem.

4) The arena will also give you 1 gem on certain rankings.

5) Frontier Hunter – While not always available, it can give you lots of gems if you are able to get far into the dungeon.

Alternatively, you can also work a bit and earn money through surveys and watching videos or play video games.

Introducing Points2Shop

You can earn free gems using Points2Shop. There are several methods that you can get the Google Play/iTunes card. In Points2Shop, you get points when you complete tasks such as surveys or games.

First up you sign up for Points2Shop(referral link), then you can start earning by clicking on the top left of your member’s panel after you activate the confirmation link in your email. Here is a quick video on some tips on how to earn more points.

Earn easy points with daily tasks such as:

1) Soup daily bonus
2) Survey Tasks
3) Play games (requires an initial point investment)

Once you accumulate 1000 points, you can get the $10 iTunes/Google Play gift card, which you can use it to get any game items.

There we have it! Go get that Google Play/iTunes card and earn it by clicking on the banner below!

Hope this helps!


First, you sign up with Swagbucks . Swagbucks is a website that allows you to earn points known as “swag”. 1 swag is equal to 1 cent. When you have accumulated 500 swag, you can exchange that for a $5 Facebook gift card/credit, which you can use it to buy Dragon City gems.

How to Earn “Swagbucks”

There are many ways to earn some swagbucks. I am going to list a few good ways so you can get started and work towards getting the Facebook credit.

1) Use the Swagbucks search bar to earn some swag. Most people use Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for their daily stuff, so switching to it won’t be hard. You earn some swagbucks every time you use theirs after a set amount of searchers. It could be anywhere from 2-10 points. Just make sure you don’t always do the same searches everyday or they will accuse you of trying to game their system.


2) Install the Swagbucks toolbar. You can use it to do searches without going to their homepage.

3) Do the Daily Poll. Each poll nets you 1 easy swagbuck.

4) Coupon Printing. This one will net you some extra 10 swagbucks for every coupon you print. Just use the ones you would use in your daily life, such as toothpaste or food.

5) Complete Special Offers. Occasionally, there will be special offers that you can take advantage of, such as liking a page or promotion for some items.

6) Take Trusted Surveys. While this is not the most cost effective way to earn swagbucks, you can do this and earn some. This will take time, but if you got plenty of spare time, go ahead!

7) Play Games. This one is good if you really excel at one game that they have. If you join a tournament and win it, you will get a lot of swagbucks. Participate in weekly tournaments for a bigger prize!

8) Watch Videos. This one is time consuming if you really watch it. However, you can leave it on another tab and just let it run and also mute the sound. You get 3 swagbucks for every 10 videos. It is a good way to earn if you are always on your computer.

I am crediting money saving mum for this idea here which will be quoted:

“How to Earn 15 Swagbucks Every Day in Less Than Five Minutes (enough for a $5 Facebook Gift Card each month)

Search and Win (see my suggestion above for searching phrases on the Swagbucks Facebook Page)– approximately 10 points
Click on NOSO and Skip Offers — 2 Swagbucks
Take the Daily Poll — 1 Swagbuck
Login Via the Toolbar — 1 Swagbuck
Click on Trusted Surveys — 1 Swagbuck

Complete Two Offers Worth at Least 8 Points Each
Watch 250 Videos — 75 Swagbucks (If you work on the computer a lot, you can just play these while you’re working on other things and click over and start another video every few minutes. You’ll earn 3 Swagbucks for every 10 videos you watch.)

[And yes, watching 250 videos per day is probably completely unrealistic for most of us (I rarely watch more than 40 per day and I work on the computer for a few hours most days!), but I just thought it’d be fun to show how it is possibleto earn 100 Swagbucks per day without purchasing a Groupon, signing up for trial offers which require a credit card or having any referrals under you!]”

There you have it guys! If you want to earn some free Facebook credits, this is the way to go!