Brave Frontier Fusion and BB Leveling Guide

In Brave Frontier, fusing units is the only way to make your character stronger. You will have to use other units to fuse with the main unit. Fusing units also require zel. Normally, you would get 100% experience. However, you will get more occasionally. It is denoted by:

  • Great Success – 150% experience
  • Super Success – 200% experience

Both are quite rare, so be glad if you get any bonus. This is great when you use Metal Gods to level your unit.

Brave Burst Leveling

Most people wonder how to level up their brave burst(BB). In order to increase your BB level, you will need to capture the right units with the same BB as the unit’s BB you are trying to level. There are 3 types of BB’s:

  • Offensive – Damages all units or a single unit
  • Healing – Heals all your allies health
  • Support – Boosts your units power/defense

You will need to use the correct unit with the same BB type as the one you want to level and fuse it. It doesn’t matter the element of the unit that is going to be fused. As long as it has the same BB type, it will give experience to level up the BB of your desired unit.

For example, you can use Skeleton(has Offensive BB) to level Omniknight’s BB(also Offensive BB).

Bonus tip: Fuse them one at a time to quickly level up it’s BB.

Here are some really awesome spots to level your unit’s BB courtesy of appinvasion:

Attack: Mistral; Adventure’s Prairie; Start of Adventure
Here you can net on avergae 2-4 of Burny and Friends(when they’re not busy faceroll’ing our servers) for only 3 energy per run. They all have attack type BB’s so they work great for any and all attack type BB leveling.

Healing: St Lamia; Blood Forest; Frail Spirit of the Forests
Here you can net on average 5+ Fairy per run at 8 energy a run. The highest concentration of healing units I’ve found. From time to time Blood Forest will be hit by a 24hour 1/2 energy event, making it only 4 energy per run, it’s preferable to farm your healing BBLv fodder then.

Support: St Lamia; Blood Forest; The World Tree/Maiden of the Tree’s
On these two stages you can net large amounts of Polevik, usually 2-5 per run on both stages. Again from time to time Blood Forest will be hit by a 1/2 energy cost event, farming these stages is ideal during that time.​

Keep in mind that leveling your BB is based off chance and not flat experience, so it can be tough to get it to level 10. Your unit’s BB also resets to level 1 once they evolve. So only train BB once the unit is at its final evolution stage.