Brave Frontier Event Guide


Events in Brave Frontier are one of the most exciting things you can do. There are primarily 3 types of events:

  • Daily 
  • Weekends
  • Special

You can access them via the Vortex Gate.


Each week day, there will be a different event for you to explore. Here are the available events.

Monday -> Congregation of Souls(Karma Explosion)

This event gives you a lot of karma, which is used to upgrade your town structures such as mountain and river. There are 3 levels to choose from.

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Enemies in these dungeons are of dark and light element, so bring a mix of both element units to combat them. Alternatively, you can also use any of the other 4 elements. The end game bosses for both dungeons are dark element.

Tuesday -> Enchanted Paradise – Evolution Units Abound!

In Enchanted Paradise, you get a chance to acquire elemental nymphs, spirits or idols. These are ingredients used to evolve your units. You can check out the evolution chart to check out the materials.

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Each elemental nymph/spirit/idol randomly appears each round and is accompanied by the same elemental monsters. In Paradise of the Fairies Lv. 2 and Paradise of the Fairies Lv. 3, the monsters are capable of area of effect attacks and also multiple attacks, so please bring healing units.

Wednesday => Cave of Desires – Beware of Traps!

In Cave of Desires, you get to fight mimics and bat mimics, which are used in unit evolution. Mimics are used for most ★★ to ★★★ unit evolution’s while bat mimics are mostly used for ★★★ to ★★★★ evolution’s.

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The chests that drop can all be mimics. You will know before opening because they shake. Mimics can hit multiple times and curse your units from using Brave Burst. They are also weak to light units.

Thursday => Oasis of the Gods – Totem Units Abound!

Oasis of the Gods allows you a chance to capture elemental totems, which are used to evolve ★★★★ to ★★★★★ units. The Miracle Totem is used to evolve the main units(Vargas, Selena, Eze, Magress, Atros, Lance) to ★★★★★★.

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Each ruin will have that element’s totem as the boss, with other similar element units as their side kicks. Light and Dark totems will also randomly spawn in areas 1 to 4. Just make sure you bring units that trump against that element plus healers and you will be fine.

Friday => Hostile Relics – Defeat the incoming Hordes!

This event allows you collect materials used to synthesize to get items.

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On the weekends, there is only one event running, but it is a good one. It is the money making event!!

Saturday/Sunday => The Golden Vault – Mountains of Zel!

Each stage will have random monster appearing together with any of the jewel monsters. There is a small chance that a jewel king will spawn in any of your levels, so it comes down to luck. In Gold Valley Lv. 3, there is a very small chance a jewel god will spawn in levels 1 to 9, so pray for it!


Special events are held for a certain period of time. Each of these special events will yield you good rewards. Some offer you a chance to capture a unit while others give zel rewards or gems.

The metal parade can be accessed by using metal keys. It has a 1 hour duration. In that time, you can acquire metal ghost, king or god. You can get a metal key from Imperial Randoll Castle every other day.

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Since you only deal 1 for each hit, make sure to bring multi hitting units to kill the metal units faster. You are guaranteed to acquire 1 metal unit, so pray for the better ones such as king or god!