Brave Frontier Arena Rewards Guide

You can test your unit power against other players in the Arena. It is the PvP aspect of the game. The arena can be accessed in game via the “Arena” option. You have 3 Arena orbs to start with. Each time you enter the arena, it subtracts an orb. You can enter it 3 times in a row before it will start regenerating the orbs.


Arena Rules

  1. All units attack automatically. You have no control over it except for assembling the squad.
  2. There is a timer that starts ticking when the battle starts. You have to defeat your opponent within the time limit to win.
  3. If both sides fail to annihilate each other, the winner will be decided by the following conditions -> Number of units left -> Unit Hp -> Total damage done. Whoever has the highest amount will win.

Arena Battle Points(ABP)

This is used to increase your rankings. It can be won or loss. If you win a battle, you gain ABP. If you lose a battle, you lose ABP. However, you will not get demoted once you move up a rank.

The amount of ABP gained or loss will depend on your opponent. If your opponent has more ABP than you and you defeat him/her, you will gain a lot more ABP. Vice versa, if you lose to an opponent that has less ABP than you, then you will lose a lot more ABP.

You can choose your opponents before entering your the arena. If you play it safe and fight opponents 10+ levels lower than you, you will win a lot of battles with a nice win/loss ratio. However, you gain less ABP for each fight.

You can also be more risky and challenge opponents that have much more ABP than you. If you win, the amount of ABP you gain enormous. If you don’t care so much about win/loss records, I highly suggest you try this instead!